Our story

Our founder Rebecca Gamze, was born in South- Eastern Anatolia. She grew up close to her Persian grandparents, in their pistachio farms and Damask rose gardens . Her passion of scents originates from those experiences. Growing up she experimented  with her mum’s perfumes and father’s aftershaves mixing it together to make an unique essence only for herself. 

Gamze has spent past two decades appreciating the finer things in life working in luxury boutique stores including So Chic-Windsor and Harrods, London. Travelling throughout the world visiting beautiful cities such as Istanbul, New York, LA, Paris, Monaco, Nice, and London.

From an early age she has had a love of animals having adopted a number of fluffy Persian cats. This made her appreciate life can be cruel to nature and wildlife. Some animals have become extinct and more and more animals are becoming endangered around the world. She felt passionate about her very young children seeing and knowing about the world’s precious creatures. She even named her two boys Aslan & Kaplan meaning lion and tiger in Turkish respectively. 

After becoming a mum, totally inspired from natures beauty she wanted to create a new line of luxury. Featuring unique fragrances from her youth, mixing her deep knowledge of Eastern culture meeting a modern Western lifestyle. Combining all her recognition about fine fragrances, passions for authentic art and love of nature.

Rich and Rose was founded out of the Richness of wildlife and the aesthetics of the Roses.